Can they be a small fee?

Tell me would it be good if let say they just put a one off small price tag for such a wonderful product?? Like $20? Not much to ask would it? Suppose then they can make their products even better with the money they get. :slight_smile:

So Comodo what do you say? Users all agree???

Just once! It should not be too hard I am sure all will be happy with this!


I reckon it would be good. :slight_smile:

You imply that the products are not good enough yet and could be better with some money from the users? I highly doubt that. Good software needs time more than money.

Time is money. At least the salaries of skilled programmers do mean money. But anyway handing the software for free is an integral part of Comodo’s biz model, don’t forget that these programs are not Comodo’s main activity. However I guess Melih will be delighted to hear that people consider the programs so good that they’d pay for them even with the existing free alternatives from other vendors.

Comodo’s firewall is really worth paying for, tho I never want to pay for security software.
If you should pay for Comodo it should be by donating money because you like it.


Alot of people dont see a reason to pay for security software (cause there are so many others out there free) I think if comodo did start charging for their products they would lose users :frowning: Personally I’d pay for it though. But i think the donate idea Ragwing came up with is a good idea :slight_smile:

Anyway my point is that Comodo’s biz model is incompatible with charging for these programs. Melih has made it clear repeated times that he won’t ever charge for them. Comodo’s business is elsewhere: certificates etc., and the new TrustConnect. The free programs are a marketing effort to create brand awareness etc.

Hiya I would like to firstly state: Do not charge for these excellent tools. :slight_smile: I can not afford $20.00 and so this works.

COMODO Team let me know if I am incorrect in my guess here.

Offering these for free allows for a few things to take place, that paid for products would not or could not reasonably do as efficiently and effectively.
1 - Free Quality products reach more people.
2 - These alert possible buyers that your products are excellent (and that is just the free ones)
3 - These products also collect tons of constant onformation on the newest malware, phiishing and such being created every day.
4 - Just a note to people: None of the COMODO software collects any information that is able to ID who we as people are. (other than what we provide)

With the products on more people’s machines this means a much bigger Malware and Phishing net, as these things happen all known issues will be dealt with. New, and unexpected issues like new malware that just hit the online world… COMODO will have a much better chance at finding it, and reporting where it started from as in region of the globe, and get working on a fix to protect its many users. So imformation mostly will be something like MALWARE found Eastern USA at 10:10 am… As it spreads and the COMODO software spots it, it reports the general speed at which this problem is spreading.

All of this information is important for COMODO’s team and is pretty much priceless on the fight against malware and all…

So while yes it does take time, and costs money to write these awesome free products… Keep in mind that we users are in effect apart of a larger picture. We are the Eyes, and the Ears, and R&D for COMODO which would have to pay multi millions for a service that could not cover as much area as we do.

Do not think of COMODO taking advantage of anything, as they do provide what I feel are EXCELLENT products for the trade of the information we locate just by being online. I mean I call this a perfect case of WIN/WIN all parties involved win in this case.

We win with excellent protections that otherwise we could not afford and would require use of other FREE methods that may not work as well as COMODO.

COMDODO wins in having a constant end user input, and more or less Think Tank that is always online for work or play and 24/7 365 days a year never blinks, never sleeps, and is always alert to anything new and unexpected.

So really it all balances for both sides, and allows COMODO to make enough to profit from as so it can continue to allow for this free software. Otherwise they could not do this.

COMODO - I am very impressed with your products, and business model. All EXCELLENT!

And, Thank you for making this all available in trade for the little information that you need to keep on… Keeping on! :slight_smile:


PS: Again I only guess this is how it would be possible to make this free to end users like us. If I got it wrong let me know I will edit it. :slight_smile: But, it is a legit, and above board means of doing business, and one I fully support, when the end result are products this excellent.

 I'm not sure if this is helpful, But I think I might know about another possible angle on the paying for software situation.  Not long ago I worked in a retail store [as well as with 35000 other people that could and did see it coming right at us over two years ago, Even if the managers wouldn't admit it... even when the owner and CEO quit his job and ran for cover not even 6 months before it happened], but I've gotten off topic, even before I've gotten there.  Well while I was working there we had "bundles" and "Packages" for the computers that included free software. Now people on average see the free stuff and they seem to be fine with it it, But I noticed that seniors and young families wouldn't want the free stuff because they assumed that it was sub par or low quality.  Do you think that this might be something that could effect you? Or even people avoiding free software because the just know it's just the wind up before the big sales pitch of some kind.  [like free security software is going to some how going to be a smooth and slick way to get them interested in the time shares]  I don't know if its helpfull but i hope its at least amusing and its all true so it might be something to think.

i think comodo is prefect.
more powerful than my trend internet sercuity.
though trend is not bad .

I was thinking the same lines actually. Another person here mentioned that buyers are sometimes worried about socalled ‘free software’ — some worry over the spy infection issue in free software offers too.

Jan G

PS. Agree with this one too

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If you really do want to pay COMODO, why not buy the paid version of CIS, instead of free. It would be a win-win situation.