Can the Comodo Firewall do this...?(Resolved)

Hello everyone and a big thank you to all at Comodo. This is my first post and I apologise in advance if the questions have been posted before - if yes, I probably didn’t search with the correct keywords.

I’m looking for a new firewall, but have not yet switched as I don’t know if the Comodo Firewall can do the following:

  1. I can set rules(allow/deny/ask) for each programme for incoming and outgoing connections via localhost or internet. If there is no permanent rule set, or the rule is set to ask, I get a pop-up each time.

  2. I can set rules for applications wishing to launch another application. The pop-up and options are as in 1.

  3. When I update a programme, the first time I launch it, I get a pop-up saying the programme has been modified and am given the option if I want to ok this.

All I really need to know is what these options are called in Comodo Firewall(if they are available), so I know where to look for them… the rest I can probably figure out (or ask again later 88) )

Aside from that, the information I have so far, tells me that Comodo Firewall will be the better option over what I am currently using.

Hi Chakonari,

the answer is yes to your question 1,2 and 3 if you set the FW in custom mode and Def+ (= the HIPS) in paranoid mode.

You can have more details in the user 's guide : > internet security > support > user manual.


Thanks Boris. That’s all I needed to know :slight_smile:

So I’ll be installing and configuring the firewall this weekend.

Hey and warm welome to comodo forums Chakonari!

if you put d+ in paranoid mode be prepared to get a lot of pop up and you may go to the firewall behavior settings Alert settings to change it to high or very high.

Valentin N

Thanks for the welcome and the heads-up on that Valentin.

I don’t mind many pop-ups - I belong to the paranoid people who get the feeling that a pop-up means reassurance that protection is going on ;D

After install go to the Stealth Ports Wizart and choose the option corresponding to your personal config (private network, single PC,…). The default global rules will depend on your choice. Of course you can change tem at your will.