Can`t install it !

when i want to install CPF … i get an error like … 1607: Unable to install InstallShield Scripting Runtime. I got this error on the CAV too … what can i do ??? (:AGY)

Hi eda2k and welcome to the forums. Please check the attached link for a possible solution to your problem. It appears this is a system specific issue.


Error 1607 and error 1608 are strictly related to the InstallShield application that Comodo used to build the installationpackage for their applications. It has caused installation problems and they have subsequently built their own installer. This custom installer is used on the beta version of the firewall only, so far, but will be extendedto all Comodo applications eventually.

If you have a look at,114.msg929.html#msg929

it goes into a bit more detail.

This is definitely InstallShield related, but is usually fairly easy to recover from - just a clean up and reinstall of the InstallShield engine files from the Macrovision site.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks for the details Ewen. Hope this gets you where you need to be eda2k. Let us know (CLY)

unfortunally … no… Now i get 1608, and comodo downlods a ISScript.msi … all the time… after that gives me the error. I got and installed ISScript7.msi , 8 and 9 … and still got the error. Ive read the about it .. and did not fix it ... WHAT CAN I DO ? ive installed this firewall on 3 computers … and on this one … dont want (:AGY) I think ill get an hammer and kill it … really … stupid comps … (:NRD) Help … Pls ???

btw … what File Version does comodo use ?
ive read at consumer about it ... In the Properties dialog, click on the Version tab. ... i dont have it … the version … do u ? is the stable released version, but BETA is available with a lot of improvements. You may want to try that… There was another user that was getting the 1608 error in the post that Panic attached. Were you able to see it?