can´t find blocked application

You know what? I think, CIS sucks! I blocked some application, which is to click away messages. I wondered, why this program wants to access the internet, so i clicked “block”.

Now i can´t find it anywhere! Not in the firewall section nor in → Defense+ → Computer Security Policy →
nor in “blocked applications”, which is, btw, the place i would expect ANY BLOCKED APPS, but for some stupid reason most of the departments in CIS are always empty & thus, useless. The most thing you do, when looking in the settings is to click through empty, never used subdepartments & not finding s*it.


So, has anyone here an idea, how i can unlock this file? I tried to add the exe to the trustend files, to no avail. Isn´t adding files to the trusted files supposed to override any blockings? This firewall starts to annoy me. It´s way to confusing.

So, how can i forcefully unblock some applications? >:(

Maybe you had explorer block the program.;msg165797#msg165797

Try looking in Firewall / Advanced / Network Security Policy. If you blocked its access to the internet it’s probably here.