Can`t access console

When I press any key while “Press Home key …” my system is freezing?
Can you help my?

What happen if you press precisely the “Home” key button in your keyboard?
Does the console open and then freeze?

Which is your operational system?
Any other information about your hard disk?
Is Acronis software installed?

I have Windows 7. When I press Home button (or any other key) system freezes and I have to restart computer. I don`t have Acronis. I have WDC hdd. :slight_smile:
CTM restore very well when I choose “restore on start up” but I need to select “Restore every day at 6 AM for example”. Problem is when I have to restore system after failure for example at 11am. Then I have to wait all day without working computer. And another question - my computer must by power on at 6 am or comodo restore after first power on every day?

Did you have any other restore tool installed before CTM?
What you’re reporting is a problem… not the right and expected behavior.

Just make a manual restoration… won’t it work?

I think your computer must be powered on. Although you can set it for running at power on (any power on).

I dont have any other restore system CTM is only one. How can I restor manualy if I cant access to console?
Today I saw one thing - when I change AHCI to IDE in BIOS then console start working properly but Windows 7 not:) I could not repair Windows and I have to install fresh copy. I did it in IDE option but after instalation CTM, situation is the same - when I press Home button system freez :frowning:

Into Windows, open the CTM interface and choose restore.

Ok, but what when my Windows dont start and I cant open console to restore state of working system??

Sure it’s a problem. But I can’t understand why the console is freezing. I need that the Comodo programmers drop some light here…

Hi ciupa:
Your question seems very strange and we never encountered. Your computer has any more special?
We are looking in to it. If there is a bug we will fix it.

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I have 15 same computers + HP Elite 7100 mt with Windows 7 32bit, Inteli3 540 3,07GHz, Seagate 300GB, Nod 4 and this is everything.
If You want some other information, same screens or logs I will send.

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