Can ssomeone tell me how to block an entire folder from access to the internt?


I am new here and I just installed Comodo. I want to be able to chose a folder and everything in it and block it form the internet, both to and from.

I read through the faqs and tried to search, but i am not sure what I am even looking for. There’s a lot of info available, but I don’t know which info applies to what I want to do.

In the help is says how to block certain file types and stuff, like .exe etc, but not whole folders, at least not as far as I can tell.

I want to be able to block say the whole folder of an application that I just installed.

Can someone exlain how to do this? Thank you for your help.

Hi The Absent Mind, welcome to the forums.

A folder? Recursively? I don’t think you can, specifically, unless you create a blocked application entry for each executable manually. But, that’s for CFP 2.4… are you really running CFP 2.4?

Unfortunately you can’t and there’s a sound logical reason why you can’t.

Folders, as such, can’t contact the internet, files, however, can. A folder is merely a local container for files. All it can do is hold files and other folders. Nothing else.

You will need to apply blocking policies to the executables in the folder.

Ewen :slight_smile: