Can Spyshelter hips run together with Comodo Defense+?

Can Spyshelter hips run together with Comodo Defense+?
Also running Eset Nod32 v4 with it.

Realtime setup now: Nod32 AV v4, Windows 7 Firewall, SpyShelter free
And thinking about adding Comodo FW with Defense+ (without the Sandbox) to it instead of Windows Firewall.

Why do you need two HIPS? ???
Run full CIS 5 RC and never look back.

So Defense+ protects as good as SpyShelter against keyloggers?
If it does, I’ll remove spyshelter, but does it?

If you know what your doing then yes (never used spyshelter) the protection capabilities of Comodo are awesome.

If you don’t disable the sandbox you are not fully protected against keyloggers. If you disable the sandbox you are.

Let me explain. The Comodo Sandbox is essentially an automated Defense+. It will deny any applications running in it many privileges, but to make it compatible with most software it must allow certain actions. Thus it has been shown that some keyloggers can in fact log information. Most can’t, but some can.

Here’s the good news. You will still receive a Firewall alert when the keylogger attempts to send information from your computer. Thus as long as you don’t allow this your computer would be protected from viruses and some software on your computer can record information, but not be able to do anything with it.

It doesn’t bother me, but if you want you can disable the sandbox and have full protection, but more alerts.

Okay, I installed CIS 5 RC. Uninstalled SpyShelter and have set CIS to Proactive with sandbox disabled.
I hope this will provide enough / spread protection together with nod32 4.
thanks for the advices! :smiley: