Can someone who has windows 8 tell me which services I should leave enabled?

I formatted my computer yesterday and it took around 5 hours to delete, I consider myself pretty computer smart so I go into services.msc&msconfig to disable which I believe are unnecessary services. I disabled a lot of them and then installed Comodo internet security and Comodo ice dragon.

Comodo internet security was working fine but when I loaded up Comodo ice dragon it worked but once I clicked on the options tab it froze. I waited for about 10 minutes and finally the options window came up. I thought maybe it was just an error so I closed the options tab and opened again, same thing Comodo ice dragon froze and eventually the options tab would come up but it takes at least 10 minutes. So i would just ctrl+alt+delete to end it.

SO i reformat my pc again and reinstall Comodo ice dragon and its working perfectly. I’m happy its working again but I am extremley frustrated that I disabled a vital service that Comodo needs. Can someone please tell me what not to disable so comodo will function properly? I want to disable Base Filtering engine because it seems pointless to have this installed if I am using Comodo.

Made a paragraph structure for an easier read. Eric

Hi David198803,
Unfortunate that you have gone to so much trouble as this may not have been a system error or disable service causing your issue.
There was an issue with hardware acceleration in IceDragon causing freezes (Non responding functions), there was a fix release of IceDragon today disabling hardware acceleration to resolve the issue.
Comodo IceDragon ver. is now available for download

Sorry to hear that you reformatted a second time round hoping to fix the issue.

Edit: AFAIK the Base filtering engine service is still required for Comodo Firewall to function correctly, at the very least for the traffic animation to function correctly.

Thank you for the fast reply captainsticks. I installed the newest version and its working fine, thanks! I have one more question for you if you don’t mind. Is it safe to disable
1.Application Layer Gayeway
2.Computer Browser
3.DNS Client
4.IP Helper
5.TCP/IP NetBios Helper
6.Windows error reporting service
7.Windows Defender Service
8.Windows Firewall
10.WinHTTP Web Proxy Auto-Discovery Service

Sorry for the big list but if you could please help me in determining if its safe to disable these without effecting Comodo?

Hi David198803,
Different services are required in different setups and they will vary, I personally have not got a Win 8 system.

I would not like to suggest what you require and what you don’t without knowing fully what the consequences could be for your system.
I would say do some research on each service and then decide if it will be a required service for your system.
Even after researching, I would suggest still at your own risk of course disabling one at a time and reboot then check for errors.
The below link is a good place to start IMO.
Black Viper’s Windows 8 Service Configurations

Kind regards.

BFE shows no dependencies for Comodo services when checking in services control manager.

I have Windows 8 and it has been a love hate relationship in the beginning but now it is growing on me, one thing I have found is the Recovery mode does work very well and it has been bullet proof after 6 recovery’s of all different types without disks so a reformat is very likely not required and only takes about an hour rather than the 5 hours you discovered (I know exactly what you went through), I found the Refresh mode best but be ware, it says it will save your non Windows stuff NOT, but otherwise works fast and good!

As far as shutting system configuration features, don’t bother, I used to do the same but have found that Win 8 does work best as is.

Also, with regard to Windows Firewall and Defender, When I installed Comodo or AVG or Panda all shut down their counterparts inside Windows and took over those functions and if you remove them you will need to manually turn the Windows Defender and Firewall back on.

With Win 8…take Baby Steps, with enough power it does work quite well but at this point does not get along very well with Comodo products where I my case there have been many display issues with screen jitter and display jumping around and very slow overall online performance, when I removed it and went with another performance increased dramatically but I know that will vary from machine to machine.

I’m a believer in leaving Windows (any version) alone and letting whatever services run by default continue to do so. You never know what will be needed by new software that was most likely written for the default mode of the OS.

To add to that. Since Windows 7 Windows uses trigger services; they only run when needed making boot shorter and Windows lighter on resources.