Can someone tell me why this connection isn't included in my zones?

These are my network zones:

Loopback Zone
IP In []

LAN #1
IP In []

I set up “System” to be allowed to send/receive requests to both the zones.

But it still asks to be allowed this rule:
Allow IP Out From IP Any To IP Where Protocol Is IGMP (I think this is part of my home network)

Please help me understand why that rule isn’t considered to be in my network zones already.


Hello Pingyou2,

This is a multicast address range probably because of multicast support on your network.
What is your network setup like ?

Do you use uPNP for incoming traffic ?

Do you have Vista or Win7 ?

i’m pretty sure it is related to multicast. i’m not sure if i need it, but i don’t mind allowing it. i’m using vista.

but can you tell me if is not included in the 2 network zones i specified? i think it’s outside those zones but i’m not sure why exactly. that’s what i’m trying to understand.

EDIT: nevermind, i did some more reading and i think i understand now. :slight_smile: I gotta learn more about masks and subnets.

It’s very nice material :wink:
But unicast traffic is much easier to understand then multicast traffic…
If you need more information feel free to ask.