Can someone post General Networking rules? [RESOLVED]

Like what rules need to be in the rules list to get the computers to be able to access each other.

Do you use zones? Ip addresses. Ip ranges etc.

Does it matter if wired or wireless connections.

How to use Stealth ports wizard after that.

maybe this could be made a sticky for others to see easily**

(sorry for my bad english iam french)
i want to know if is very secure to leave just as it is the global rules : block icmp in echo request.
what about incomming tcp and udp request, they are blocked by defect…
thank you for your reponses

I finally got it.

Network zones made for my LAN ( done auto by Comodo) , Router ( 192;168.1.1 ) and Computer I.P addresses ( for the computers in my network.

I then went into the Stealth ports wizard and chose my LAN for the trusted zone.

I then went into the Network Security policy area and made up “global policies” for the Router and IP range of my computers.