Can someone point me to a 7.0->6.x downgrade?

I installed the 7.0 update through the auto-updater yesterday but it’s been nothing but a major pain in the [at]ss.

With the AV on I can’t run utorrent without it totally freezing on me, seriously, freezing to the level that only a hardboot helps. I can’t even create a memory dump or anything, nothing functions anymore.

This happens everytime I turn on utorrent and it starts reading all the linux distro’s i’m seeding hehe.

I wonder if someone has a link to an older version. I’ve done bug reports in the past but this crashes to such a level that that’s totally impossible.
It was so bad that I’m running without any Internet Security at the moment because I totally uninstalled everything.

I noticed major memory leaks and leaks in general aswell, cavwp using 500mb I/O, cmdagent running at a constant 300mb I/O rating, seriously it’s insane.

To prevent the full freeze I tried turning cache off, lower heuristics and even eventually turning off the thing that scans every item while you run it (I can’t think of the name lol, can’t check since it’s uninstalled aswell) but nothing helped, the only thing that did help was turning off AV and Defense in general.

Hi Saintj,
Check the ‘old versions’ menu in the links below 32/64-bit.

Kind regards.

Thanks captainsticks, I’ll just stick with 6.3 until all (more like most, you never really get them all in one version) the bugs are out of 7 haha.