Can someone please tell me where something is located?

Occasionally when I install a program Comodo says its malware and deletes the friggin .exe therefore making the program useless and also making it wasted money.

Can someone please tell me where to set it as a option rather than automatic or Im gonna hurt this computer. Im gonnna wound it real bad.

Ive looked and it does not seem to be there. Anyone know where it is?


I’ve moved this topic to the AV help section, because it’s more of a help topic than a false positive report.

Killface, please go to Antivirus → Scanner Settings. In the Real Time Scanning tab, make sure that Do not show antivirus alerts is not selected. And in the Scheduled Scanning tab, make sure that Automatically clean threats found during scanning is not selected.

Now CIS will ask you what you want to do if a threat is found instead of acting automatically.

Thanks Mod Dude. That seemed to of fixed it.

I must say that I really liked your program apart from a few gripes. first is the one I mentioned then. Others are that on XP it repeats the same questions though it does not seem to do that on W7. and also sometimes its a bit fussy to find or do something when needed as its not always clear with what it says. But apart from that I must say Im quite fond of your programs.

Thanks Comodo Dudes. Cya.