Can someone help me?

Can anyone tell me a good E Mail scanner?

Please and thank you.

Hi Joey,

Long time no see :wink:
What should this scanner do for you? malware, phishing, spam?

Nice to see you’re still helping people out,

Well i really just want it to be able to scan emails when i open them or something of that nature, to prevent a virus…

I was given SandboxIE is that enough to prevent a malicious attack through the email?

Well sandboxIE is a different technique to prevent damage, based on virtualization.

Question is do you need to scan it before it reaches the mail client?
I know Avast for example has a POP/IMAP (Mailbox protocols) scanner.

But as Comodo’s philosophy about this is malware can only exist in memory or on disk, they don’t scan mailboxes, they should catch it if it exploits the mail client in memory, or it scans it when you save the attachment to disk…

And also a dedicated MS Outlook plugin.

Oh okay amateur question my friends,

i HAVE to save the attachment in order to get the virus? or i’ve heard some automatically attack you :s

There are some infections that attack when you preview the message.
But are old ones, which uses old exploits.
All new antivirus and suites protect you from that.

Thanks guys, you both helped me understand alot more :slight_smile: