Can someone help me with my Comodo installation, please?

Hi all,

Can someone help me with my Comodo installation, please?

As someone who has been used to using Symantec/Norton firewalls for about 15 years I’m getting a bit lost with Comodo, for which I apologise. I’ve been far too used to just installing a Norton firewall and trusting it to get on with it’s job.

A little bit about my setup - 2 PC’s and a laptop on a home network. The 2 PC’s are wired and the laptop is wireless. All three are running XP (Pro on the PC’s and Home on the laptop) all fully up-to-date.

We use the latest ESET NOD32 3.xx for virus and spyware cover and the latest version of Comodo Pro Firewall. We also use various standalone spyware scanners on a regular basis.

My first question is, can I relax the settings in Comodo because we are using a hardware firewall which is built-in to our BT HomeHub router?

My second question is do I still need to enable Defence+ for malware protection as I believe NOD32 does this?
Would having both NOD32 Antispyware and Defence+ enabled at the same time cause problems?

My main question is what are the best Comodo settings to use to minimise any user intervention whilst providing a good level of protection? My second PC is an IBM ThinkCentre P4. Over the past few days I’ve had several attempts at rebuilding this PC but keep getting bombarded with popup messages from Comodo whichever settings I have chosen. I’ve had problems with both the IBM / Lenovo System Update application - which updates the systems drivers and bundled applications. I’ve also had problems with Windows Update.

What are the best settings to use, especially the “Firewall Security Level” and “Defence+ Security Level”, to minimise pop-ups, both during installation of software, but also during general day-to-day use?

I’ve mainly used the default settings of “Train with Safe Mode” for the FSL and “Clean PC Mode” for the DSL.

I’ve noticed that in the Comodo help file it recommends changing the default DSL to “Train with Safe Mode” ?? - which they recommend for most users - would this help in my situation?

Could someone please advise me of the best configuration to use for my setup before I pull out what little hair I have left?

Many thanks,


Hi there,

Defense+ is recommended to be enabled not only for malware protection (separated from the firewall function), but also for being a part of the firewall. CFP depends on D+ for some leak tests. NOD32 is a great antivirus but like all other programs, its detection is not 100%. Anything that slips by will be caught by D+.

If you’re certain that your PC is clean, you can set D+ in “Clean PC Mode” as this will minimize the number of popups but still protect from any execution of programs not on the white list. This is the most simple mode for everyday use. When you’ve started all programs installed on your system (which shouldn’t result in too many popups with Clean PC Mode), D+ has learned all about your programs. When installing new programs, always use “Installation Mode” - else D+ will really bother you with popups (personally I disable D+ when installing/uninstalling, but that’s not really the recommended setting).

Beginning with a clean PC, and thus choosing Clean PC Mode, I see no point in switching to Train with Safe Mode. If the PC is clean from the beginning, it should stay clean thanks to CFP (D+) and your other protection like NOD32 etc. !