can someone help me with a lil problem

HI all my computer monitor it’s set to turn off after 10 min but sometimes it will not do it. now the funny thing is if i set it to 5 min or any number other then 10 it will do it all the time. anyone have a clue as to why it acts up on 10 min only? any advice helpful thanks all.

Is your screensaver set to come on after 10 minutes or just before 10 minutes? I believe the power off option sees the screensaver as activity and hence it does not want to turn off the monitor. If not the screensaver, could there be something else that is becoming active after 10 minutes of pc inactivity? Maybe you could try experimenting with screensaver options: turn screensaver off and see if the monitor goes off after 10 minutes.

i don’t have screen saver on at all i never use them i will look into other applications thanks for advice.

Hi frogger

Go to Start → run → type in “msconfig” without the quotes and ok. Go to the startup tab and see if there are any programs running that should not be running at start up. You can post a list here if you cannot figure out if it should be running or not. It could be something else that does a screen write periodically.


thanks JJasper here are the pics the last two circled in last photo are last ones on list thanks a bunch.

The last 2 you can uncheck. Also uncheck quicktask,cthelper and quickcam,justsced.

i unchecked quickcam and now my logitech webcam docent function says it can’t find the software. i recheck it on and all is well lol. i unchecked quicktask and my quicktime player dosent work now lol. so those two i have to leave on lol oh well. oh and i just turned of secunia psi and it removed it self from there so no worries on that one.

I have a Logitech quickcam and it still works with it unchecked and also quicktask is just an updater and doesn’t stop Quciktime from running. Are you using the latest Qucik Cam software? You can right click on the taskbar icon and disable it from showing up. When you installed Quciktime did you installer the Apple Updater? if you did uninstall it.

These are the only things in my start up folder.

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no i removed apple updater and also itunes as well those are to annoying software. it docent show up in my right hand task bar. quickcam software reports its updated i just clicked its update in there and says i have latest.

All Logitech software does that. This is why your suppose to check the manufacturers site. Should be version 11.5.

wow mine is whey ahead of that its version 11.70 as reported also by website for my cam.

Wireless devices can also cause this. If my Logitech Wireless Gaming mouse is too close to my monitor it will flicker and the screen saver never comes on cause the mouse keeps flickering.