Can someone hack me if I have cis installed?


im new to the forums, but i´ve been using comodo (firewall) since version 3 came out together with avast. Around 2 months ago i switched to cis premium completely, dumping avast which i was using since 4.6 i belive.

I was really surprised with the improved av and positive reviews/video tests.
I always trusted comodo and I felt safe and secure. I still do, but a little while ago I told my coworker about which security I use. He is suppose to be a computer expert, but i don t really believe him so i decided to ask here.

He said that using a firewall doesn´t really protect you and it is just a placebo. You feel safe because you´re using a firewall, but you are not safe. I don´t belive this.

Do you think in my case someone can hack my computer? Watch where i surf on the net, watch conversations i have on messenger and so on?
I know my computer is clean, i scan my computer with comodo every 10th day and once a month with comodo, malwarebytes and hitmanpro (all free). They never find anything. I also use up to date genuine windows 7. I give permission to access internet only to apps i trust and Im not a noob so I know what to click and not to click while surfing.

I think its not possible to hack my computer since its clean and protected, but I needed ask.

Nothing is 100% but I think you don’t have to worry.
BTW, do you use default or custom FW settings?

I use default. I enabled cloud scanning tho and sandbox (not sure its on by default).

If you want higher level of security, you can:

  1. turn “Proactive security” on
  2. use “Safe mode” setting for FW and Defense+
  3. raise sandbox level from “Partially limited” to “Restricted” or “Untrusted”
  4. raise FW behavior-Alert frequency level from “Medium” to “High” or “Very High” and mark all checkboxes

Chiron’s guide

  1. i turned proactive security mode on
  2. already as suggested
    3 where can i change the sandbox level and whats the difference between settings

Also whats the difference between internet and proactive security.

Defense+ → Defense+ Settings → Execution Control Settings → Treat unrecognized files as…

Read about the difference here…

If you follow the methods I suggest here

you shouldn’t have any problems. I’ve never heard of any security issues with my approach, and if I did I’d change the approach.

Please let me know if you have any questions.