Can someone explaining what these .Jse files are doing ?

so can someone please tell me why these .Jse run at odd times ? , they used to juse run when i went AFK for 20 mins but now seem to be happening randomly

i always block/blacklist files in Comodo if i have no idea what they are doing , so why do i need these ? better yet why do i need health check when the only use of a product that HP provide is the HP hardware diagnostics tool

i mean there file name pretty much gives it away for a couple but why does “Detectlowdisk” appear when i have plenty of storage left

These are Javascript file that apparently belong to HP Health Check process. May be HPCP accesses Explorer in memory trying to start those scripts.

but thats not really the problem im encountering with them , the first time i noticed it was around 2 years ago when they were trying to connect to the internet hence why ive blocked the files all this time

Apparently you don’t want to let HPHC access the web. That’s what a firewall is for; to get control where desired.

apparently i want to know why they want to access the web and off course getting to nowhere on the HP forums , keep giving me the same old ■■■■ over and over again

but ever since i done a clean up of folders etc ive not seen as many blocked attempts so its numbing down a bit