can someone explain sandbox to me

I see a lot of talk about sandbox on these forums. Can someone explain what it is and what it does? Thanks

Here is a link that should help to explain what a sandbox is:

Thanks for the link ;D

Now i am anticipating version 4 even more :-TU

I’m not overly enthused about this and may not use it at all.

would be interested in why you think that pls?


I just think it’s overkill and not necessary. I’m also concerned about it causing problems with games like WoW and the Steam/Valve offerings which already have problems with CIS.

Killing you with questions here… 8) but what kind of issues? I don’t/rarely play games myself but I know a lot of people do… If there is major issues with CIS and games perhaps comodo should look into that… :o

If there are problems with a program perhaps Comodo could implement some sort of method for submitting files that need to be whitelisted.

Actually, this should help to make the program even less talkative. Perhaps files could be submitted straight from the alert when it pops up.

There are issues with World of Warcraft when updates are done, I always have to go into training mode to receive them and install them otherwise the process aborts and has to be started over. A popup comes up just before the installation but stays on the screen for maybe half a second before automatically blocking the process and aborting the update procedure. I don’t even get the chance to click on allow.
Even after things are updated and running smoothly, the launcher for WoW is reported as an invalid file when you go to purge your rules. If you purge it, the exact same rule is created again when you go into the game and later is also reported as being invalid.
I added Blizzard entertainment to the trusted vendors list but the same thing happens. I know it is mostly because the game has a different updater for each new patch so rules for the previous one don’t apply but it is still annoying. I’m concerned that CIS 4 might sandbox WoW since the game has never been added to the whitelist (they say they don’t track games) and cause even more problems than already exist.

I don’t think that the new cis sandbox will have problems in games, we only have to trust the game and it’s done, it will not be lunched in the sandbox.

I suppose that the use of sandbox in V4 is decided by the user? I mean, it is an option isn’t it?

I think so, after you install the CIS with Defense+ you can chose if you want the sandbox enable or disabled

I believe so, but don’t know for certain.

Please remember that the mods are just like you guys - we don’t have it yet. We’re only reading between the lines, closely examining the screenshots provided by Egemen and drawing some conclusions.

We may not be right.
OTH - we may be spot on.

Who knows until we get our hands on it.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Over kill is great that’s why they built thew atom bomb ;D.

But I do hope it won’t interfere with any program I use especially games :slight_smile: