Can someone explain cloud scanning for me

Can someone explain cloud scanning for me.

Scans a database of programs then checks the program in question against the database. A trusted programs list is different because with the cloud you can instantly check a constantly updated list.

Yes, and the nice thing is that because it does this in the cloud you don’t have to download the database to your computer.

Actually Comodo’s cloud doesn’t work like others. In case of Panda Cloud, it’s the other way around regular signatures work. Program itself makes a file fingerprint and sends it to server where it’s compared against the database and the result is returned to the client.

In Comodo’s case, entire program is uploaded to a remote server, thrown into a behavior analyzer and the result is sent back to the client. Comodo is also using a whitelisting which works in a similar way. Digital signature is read and sent to a remote server where it’s checked. If it’s whitelisted, CIS won’t give you any warnings and program is trusted. If the signature is not valid, modified or not trusted by Comodo, you’ll get a warning.

Is the program uploaded only if the signature has changed?
No need to upload 10+ MB if the program is safe…