Can someone Explain CIS to me?

I get a lot of people asking ‘whats a good antivirus i can use’, obviously i direct them here. But can someone explain to me in basic terms what each of the components do, boclean especially. I do know what they do but I struggle to explain because im talking too technical, because some of the technology involved is so advanced, even for me Plus there is so much involved i can never remember everything CIS can do.

Read this:

Some of it is a bit out-of-date. :-\ (I’ll PM a mod about that - maybe I could update it :))

Plus this: Comodo Internet Security - Wikipedia

You can use any AntiVirus software.
But you don’t 100% trust them.
The user must have a little knowledge about virus/malware.
To prevent it by yourself. And let Antivirus software working with you.

I can’t tell you what is the best AntiVirus.

But Comodo is a good one. :-TU