can someone confirm notification of auto decisions made by cis

I recently installed cis for somene and ticked don’t show alerts for av, fw, d+ and set av to quarantine and the others to block but forgot to turn off comodo message center if whatever. comodo found something and notified me that it blocked or quarantined it automatically without user interaction which is great and I’m glad it notified me that it did because if I had been trying to install something it didt notify me that it was blocking the install that would have been annoying. my question is if you choose don’t show alerts and to auto quarantine and block does anyone else get notified that cis automatically blocked or quarantined if message center is on or is it just me?

my 2nd question is if you do get notified of auto decisions from cis with message center on, is there any way to just get notified of auto decisions but not be asked to like comodo on Facebook or download comodo dragon through message center?