Can someone check into the Firewall startup

The firewall startup, when you start the computer and it has to load-up, seems to be acting up like the Spybot version does when you first click on it to load it up. Someone should know what I’m talking about cause Spybot released a beta version which fixed it. But I think the Comodo Firewall is having the same type of issue.

I have installed Comodo Firewall v. on 3 of my pcs (2 desktops - (1) Windows XP Home SP-2, 2 gigs, P4 3.2 Ghz, AntiVir and (1) - Windows XP Prof SP-2, 1 gig, P4 2.8 Ghz, AntiVir | and 1 laptop - Windows XP Media Center SP-2, 2 gigs, Intel Dual-core 2.4 Ghz, AntiVir.

Now each 1 of them takes about 2 minutes to load-up the firewall, when I startup the pc. I installed the basic install for each firewall cause I dislike the Defense+ feature atm. I see AntiVir antivirus load and all the other icons but the firewall doesnt load for like 2 minutes and everytime I try to open Firefox or IE, they hang for about 1 minute before opening (this only happens when I try to open them when the firewall is still loading (from startup) other than that they will not hang.