Can someone check if this .apk is safe?

Hi i want to know if this .apk is safe. Can anyone confirm me is safe?

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CMS will tell you surely? Of course that is after you have installed it.

But before it runs.

Install it yourself and you will know if it is safe or not.

Why is there not a way to check apks? Maybe comodo could make a webpage just for scanning apk files?

+1 :slight_smile:

Another way would be to download virus total from the play store and scan your whole phone (excluding SD cards) with many different AV vendors engines but that is again after you have installed it. There is nothing proactive about anywhere. Hint hint comodo

Unless you are installing sideways, the apk file will always install first from the play store. This is when the AVs scan it. There is nothing wrong with the current method.
If you don’t want to run a program, then don’t. If you don’t want an AV, un install it.
Don’t complain over nothing.

Since the apk is the way it is I can only hazard a guess that he is when or if it’s proved clean going to sideload it into his device.

My position is, he wants us to install and test for virus or malicious behavior for him. Everything from the Play Store is safe, you know that. You (and I) trust CMS but he doesn’t.
If you don’t trust your AV, why have it installed?

Fair point well made! Comodo tho does have a link scanner and many other file checker systems for windows files so it might be beneficial to make one for android but your original point more then stands. I thought you was talking to me with that last post which is why my non edited post was a tad defensive, I will edit my post.

I thought he was talking about manually installing an .apk file and that’s why he wanted it scanned.
Not from the store at all.

See the anubis report here;

I’m not an Android specialist but I guess from reading this that this app has some privacy issues.
There is a POST request to, it starts the SMS receiver service which makes me wonder why.

It looks like the typical ‘free’ I spy on you Android apk, It doesn’t seem to have ‘dangerous’ code, at least not found by Andrubis.

SandDroid doesn’t make a really clear report on it

But has reports of ‘bad’ apk’s so it seems to be able to detect malicious behavior.