Can some options increase ping?

Well i would also untick "internet protocol version 6" and both "Link-Layer Discovery enties. If you have just one PC on you network it's of no use... only causing extra "windows noise" on the local link.

I did this :-TU

The only thing that is important is the short cable, the shorter the DSL connection is next to the point where it enters the building the better the signal will be.

I bought new. Soon i will replace it with the old one. The new one is 5m the older is about 8-10m.

Are there other tastes from your provider providing more upload speed? that's really killing at the moment. Once the 192kbps is filled your total speed will drop to this, because the "download speed" of 2Mbit can no longer be reached.

Nope. The next speed is about 4Mbit and i think upload is 512Kbit. >:(

One other thing to consider is that the connection is probably over subscribed which means you share bandwidth with other users, so depending on their number of downloads etc your speed could be less then the "sold" rate.

See it like this

— Customer 1 ==> |
— Customer 2 ==> |
— Customer 3 ==> | DSLAM | <==> uplink say 10Mbps max <==> Central Infra ISP
— Customer x ==> |
— Customer 10 ==> |

If they sell every customer a 1Mpbs bandwidth then it would be 1:1 no over subscription
Every other higher bandwidth product is oversubscribed.

It is something how you tell. Because of that i never can have max download/upload it is always download about 212Kb/s and upload is for about 10-20% smaller.

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