can some one compare Bitdefender antivirus with Comodo one?

thank you for reading my post.
is there any one with enough experiences that could compare the Bitdefender antivirus with Comodo antivirus?
I should say that i like Comodo firewall but its antivirus looks raw and …


I use Bitdefender and I am very satisfied with it. It ranked high in tests with PCworld and other reviews and it is cheaper than the more well known antivirus software like Norton, Mcafee, etc. BitDefender never crashed my computer, and blocks viruses, trojans and spyware quite well. I could be casually surfing the web and BitDefender just informs me that it has blocked some trojan or spyware from my PC.

Right now there should be no comparison between Comodo Antivirus and BitDefender. The only advantage I can think of in using the Comodo one is that it is free. I have been seeing quite a few bad comments on CAVS which kept me away from trying it on my sisters PC as a replacement to AVG. Maybe in future versions Comodo will get the antivirus just right.

unfortunately i am one of those people which do not recommand the Comodo Antivirus after one day of use.
I install it, it works. it update automatically and when i restart the computer my computer hangs.
i forced to restart several time and remove it manually in safe mode.

i will not use this antivirus until comodo people mention its problem in its home page.

but firewall works ok . (until now)

Hi legolas,

have you tried the latest beta of CAVS2? It is much faster and i does not give that problem.

“I have been seeing quite a few bad comments on CAVS…” This is not a fair comment, Dman. I have been using CAVS build 1.1 since its launch in May, 2006, and not once have I encountered any serious issues, to speak of. And I’m still using build 1.1 until the absolute final release of CAVS, to which I will upgrade.

Your opinion of CAVS is based on “bad reviews” you’ve read. Unless you’ve given the product a test drive yourself, you’re not entitled to an opinion on the software based on “bad reviews.” All is fair in love and war.

I’m the type of person who researches products before I actually try or buy them. If a product has quite a number of bad reviews about it, then I will not risk extra labor trying to fix a broken PC because I failed to heed those warnings and installed a bugged product. I don’t need to try CAVS. Why? Because my friend tried it and gave me feedback on it. I was the one who mentioned CPF to him and he was the one who saw CAVS and tried it. He wasn’t satisfied with the current release and like others has experienced some issues. He did like CPF and so do I. I’ve had my share of trying bugged software in the past and I do not enjoy going down that road again. The words “manual un-install, can’t boot, and safe mode” bring chills down my spine. I’d rather wait till CAVS is out of beta and has improved more.

I try the software myself.
first i uninstall my Antivirus then i install this AV, after it update itself my computer does not boot correctly. windows hangs after login and it forced me to boot in safe mode to remove this antivirus.