Can one permanently disable "submit files to Comodo"?

Hello. My personal preference is that Comodo never upload information from or about the files on my system. So I have unchecked/disabled all of the related settings I can find, which were “Perform cloud based behavior analysis of unrecognized files” and “Automatically scan unrecognized files in the cloud”. However, I frequently get the Defense+ Alerts that have the “Submit the files to COMODO for analysis” checkbox. In some cases that checkbox is checked by default and I uncheck it.

I’m human and on at least two occasions I almost clicked on the OK button before I unchecked that box. On another occasion I accidentally clicked twice: the first click was right above the middle of the OK button which (surprisingly) caused the “Remember my answer option” to be checked (can you narrow the click area?), and the second click hit the OK button. Had that first errant click been just a bit higher, the submit files to Comodo option would have been checked just before the OK and I would have uploaded a file by accident.

I would very much like to eliminate the need to worry about Comodo uploading files. Is there any way to permanently and globally disable such feature(s)? Could the “submit files to Comodo” option in the Defense+ Alert window be disabled (uncheckable) when those Defense+ cloud settings are unchecked?


There is no such feature. You could however translate that into a wish and submit it in Wishlist - CIS.

I submitted a wish but have continued to think about this issue. Could the objective be accomplished by making Comodo a Blocked Application in Network Security Policy?

I set COMODO Internet Security to a Blocked Application in Network Security Policy and launched a local instance of Wireshark. Then:

  1. Created and ran a unique test exe, which Comodo listed as unrecognized. From the Unrecognized Files dialog I manually submitted that file for analysis. No network traffic was seen; it appears to me that the submission was successfully blocked.

  2. I temporarily enabled the “Perform cloud based behavior analysis of unrecognied files” and “Automatically scan unrecognized files in the cloud” options. Then I created and ran another unique test exe, which showed up in the Unrecognized Files dialog. Given those options I temporarily enabled, I would think that Comodo attempted a background submission of the file. However, no network traffic was seen.

Those results make me suspect that marking Comodo Internet Security as a Blocked Application will prevent Comodo from performing uploads. However, I’ve only been examining Comodo’s behavior for a short while and there may be things I’m overlooking. Can anyone confirm or deny that this approach will reliably work?

It seems too heavy handed (I would expect it to block automatic software updates too) but I personally would give up those in exchange for blocking uploads.