can nyone temme wat to do ?

i am unbale to open command prompt.when ever i try to open it all screen becomes totally balnk and all icons disappear for 2 mins and come back.i get “send error report” message when ever i browse.if i click on “dont send” or “send” the page gets closed.unable to open any site.what shall i do "? i had norton security and after 1 yr got over i downloaded norton free version and also avg.if i scan i dun see any threats. what can i do ?

Norton + AVG should not run on the same time… At least not if you have nortons antivirus active. It will course conflicts most likely like the ones you describes.

I suggest you download revo uninstaller and CIS: Free Firewall - Download the Best Firewall Protection and Anti-Virus Scan Software from Comodo

Then use REVO to delete both norton and AVG…

After that you install CIS that you previously downloaded.

Also after all that I suggest you download and scan your computer with CSC:

To clean previous leftover junk (can speed up your computer). Use the “power clean my computer” button and click yes to whatever it finds =)

Did those problem occur recently? maby when you did some change? Or when you downloaded something?

System restore can probably be used if those problems of yours got there recently…

  1. Open Run Window And Type “%windir%\system32\” and click ok. Check Whether The Screen Goes Black As You Explained. Update Us What Happens
  2. Regarding Your Browser Issue, I Guess You Are Using IE. So You Can Probably Check With Some Other Browser If You Have Any.

@ Monkey_Boy=)
Thanku for ur valuable information…lemme try it … and i ve not changed any…after norton full edition got over am gettin these problems…

@ napsterz

i was able to open the command prompt using the method u said…and its not the prob wid d browser i guess…cos am gettin d same both with IE as well as firefox…

When You Get The Error Message While Opening The Browser. Instead Of Selecting Options Send/Don’t Send, Click On The “Click Here” Option And Attach The Screenshot. I Have Attached The Screen Shot Of A Sample Error Message So That You Check The Location If You HaveTrouble Finding The Click Here Option

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I ve downloaded uninstaller and removed both avg as well as norton,
den i installed CIS and scanned for threats where i found one and deleted it.after that the setup asked me to restart the computer to finish the installation.but as i restarted the normal mode was totally blank.i could the d cursor in the black window.i waited so long.tried restartin the comp twice and still it was d same.

got into safe mode and uninstalled cis…den i got back to the normal mode which took some time to get into it.couldnt fine local area icon in network connections and so i added it manually and was able to access internet… but when ever i try to switch my system on it takes nearly half an hour to load the screen.but after i get it its quite fast… i dun get any problems as i said b4…but y is it taking this much time to load the screen ??? what should i do next ?

If Your System Is Booting Faster In Safe Mode Compared To Normal Mode, Then You Try Checking After Disabling Some Unwanted Startup Items And Services Using The MSCONFIG Tool

hey am sorry…i dunno wat is MSconfig tool…can u guide me doin it ?

Sure. Before That Can You Let Me Know Whats The Operating System You Have ?

xp service pack 2…can i have ur gtalk id ?

i dint get any request frm u…as am new to dis blog i dunno the process…ll del it now…thanks…

Start>Run> Type “MSCONFIG” And Hit Enter
You Will Get A Configuration Window
In That You Will Be Under The General Tab
If Already Selective Startup Is Selected, Click On Normal Startup Once And Then Select Selective Startup.
After That On The Top Select The Startup Tab
Remove The Remove The Check Mark From The Unwanted Items Which You Don’t Want To Load While Bootup.
Then Press Ok And It Will Prompt You For Restart. Select Restart And Check After That And Update Me The Results