Can not update virus program? HELP?

Can you help me with a problem? The Comodo virus program will not up date? When you try to update it you get a message that say Failed to update virus database? Every time I try I get the same results?

I will also get a Error code Ox80072ee7

When running a virus scan the program did find two problems

Backdoor.Win RA Based.A20@101 Found one 0n 6-26 and one on 6-27 ? ???

What version of CIS are you using?

I’ve had the same issue. Uninstalling and Re installing Comodo worked for me. Also, running the diagnostic tool may help.

Have you scanned with any other programs and also found malware?

do you have other security programs installed that could intefer with comodo?

you could also been hit with malware that block comodo from update it self.

did you take any action on those infections comodo detected?

try malwarebytes antimalware and see let it remove what it finds don’t forget to update before scanning.

good luck and let us know how it goes for you.