can not uninstall comodo FW

i tried for 3 hours now to uninstall commodo… it´s a mess.

it stops at some point and nothing happens for 40 minutes.
no error message in the event viewer nothing.

tried to reinstall comodo and uninstall no luck.
used the CIS cleaner tool… it´s still some stuff there that prevents a clean reinstallation (message: still a comodo product installed).

use the program uninstaller again leads to a full system crash (BSOD).

it can´t be that difficult to write an uninstaller that works and leaves no traces… can it?

there is now some leftover stuff on my system that fu**s with my system for example kodi does not start anymore automatically when windows starts.

commodo has really become a buggy mess lately.

Hi Gothmoth,
We have it in our plans to provide an official uninstaller.


here is some advice to help uninstall:

  1. create system restore point before doing this.

  2. Uninstall Internet security essentials and secure shopping if you have them. After uninstall restart the system, then download comodo cleaning essentials.

  3. go to safe mode.

  4. Open killswitch and run it as administrator. Terminate all COMODO processes if applicable. Then go to services and search for COMODO drivers. you should find a helper service, eradication driver, sandbox driver, and a helper driver. Delete these using Killswitch. give it some seconds to delete each of them

  5. if they can’t be deleted. try terminating them. Regardless of whether the deletion is successful or not, search for the following files and drivers in system32 and delete them.

EDIT: if you cannot delete one or more of those then proceed to create a bootable environment, such as hiren’s boot to boot from USB or CD.

note that some may be named 32 (ex. guard32.dll instead of guard64.dll) if you are on a 32bit system.

  1. delete all comodo folders in Program Files, Program Files (x86), Program Data, and App Data.

  2. Restart the computer. Using killswitch verify that no COMODO services or processes remain.

  3. Restart the computer again into safe mode. Back up the registry. Delete all comodo entries in registry by using regedit.exe and searching for comodo using the find feature. you may also use the registry cleaner in ccleaner or other registry cleaners like auslogics. you should only delete the entries related to CIS or comodo, registry cleaners are prone to error.

  4. Also clean all temp files using ccleaner. Make sure the option “only delete temp files older than 24 hours” is off.

  5. Restart the computer.

  6. Go to control panel and make sure CIS is not on the list of installed apps. if it is click uninstall and let windows remove it when it detects that CIS may already be uninstalled. if that does not work then follow directions here: How to Manually Remove Programs from the Add Remove Programs List

  7. If system is OK, create another system restore point and try to install Comodo. If installation fails then revert to that restore point.