Can not install/Update new Firewall version


I use CFP version 3.14.147648.588. The OS is Win XP Pro updated to the latest. The AV is AVIRA Free edition.

Lately I found a small CFP icon in my system tray clicking on which took me to the download page for CFP 4. I downloaded the 56MB file to install standalone firewall (File version 4.1.19277.920). Unfortunately the installer only runs but installation is never completed. I do not get any failure message but the after extraction, the installer progress bar keeps moving to and fro without finishing the installation. Even if I cancel the installation, it keeps on doing the same. I have to forcibly shut the process off through Task Manager. I tried to leave the installer running for considerable time, but that did not help. :frowning:

Curiously enough I could not find any clear installation instruction pointing out any specific steps that should be followed while trying to upgrade. Now as I check through the updater of installed CFP, I find it reports that there is a CIS version available and offers me to take to the same download page, otherwise it reports that there is no update available.

What should I do? How do I upgrade, if that is at all needed?

Please help.

Thank you

Try How to Upgrade from V3 to V4 by Chiron.

Thanks Eric, I shall surely give it a try and let you know.

BTW, I have another PC with CPF running beside AVAST! Free AV. There also the same thing happened. As I tried to upgrade it, I was offered a trip to the download page of Comodo PF 4.0, as I selected “cancel”, I was informed that the firewall is up to date.

The latter is of course a faulty message. You found a minor bug in the old 3.14 GUI…:wink:

When installing the v4 it will automatically make a copy of your 3.14 profile that you can activate after installation. It is not something we recommend as you will not get the changes that came with v4. We prefer to start clean but won’t stop you from importing the old configuration.

If you decide to do a clean install I would say skip v4 and wait for v5 to go final. It is scheduled for September 14.

Thanks again Eric. :slight_smile:

In one of my PC I have updated to ver 4 after a lot of trouble and trying the guide of Chiron. Though as you have kindly informed and CIS 5 is only due to be released in another 2 days, I shall surely skip ver 4 installation in my main PC. BTW, is it a major update over ver 4 with improved features? Isn’t it rather little fast to roll out another new series not much after one which is already released?

Thanks again for the info :slight_smile:

Version 5 will bring definite changes over version 4.

The automatic sandboxing is improved.
Cloud functionality:

  • for the AV for getting definition faster to the users
  • for white listing
  • cloud behaviour analysis. Every unknown file gets sent Comodo after it is sand boxed

Improved performance (I can now open a folder with lots of archive and installers without my system choking on it.
Game mode.

It is worth the try. Or when you err on the side of cautiousness wait a couple of weeks until after the final; keep in mind there is nothing wrong with the protection v3.14 in Proactive Mode.

Thanks very much Eric for the explanation.
I do not use the AV, I prefer to stick with my old and trusted AVAST! Home Edition :slight_smile:
Though I find one thing about the Sandbox feature very annoying- it repeatedly asks for confirmation even when sandboxing the same application. There should be one box to confirm that the user does not want to be notified about the application anymore. Hope this feature is included in ver 5

Just downloaded the ver5 installer. Curiously though the Update module of ver4 is reporting that my FW is up to date.

The automatic updates are scheduled for September 28.