Can Not Install Final Ver .. 4 drives only!

Just tried to install and it would not let me … said it only supports 4 drives
I have 7 But it never asked me if I wanted to JUST install on the c:\

I really JUST want the c:\ Protected … the other 6 drives are just storage drives.

Beta Test Answer …
" Hi WarlockWeary.
Thanks for your report. We will fix the problem in next version.

Guys ! Please Fix This …

It seems you can only continue to wait for the next version.
I suggest you unplug the extra hard disks and then install CTM. After CTM works properly, and then insert these hard disks.

Thanks for the reply … unlike the staff here … yea … its way to hard to do that lol
and they DID say they would fix it in the current rel - was mostly just reporting they didn’t fix it :confused: