Can NOT install CIS


CIS setup after the part that checks my system fot malware, its doing a rollback. it is getting unistalled without a reason… I tried many times after restarts and registry cleaning but always happens the same. Same happens with the 3.9.75615.498 RC2.
Any ideas pls? ???

Windows Vista SP1 x64
no other security related applications are installed



Try running the installer as admin. Does that help.

It used to do that on Win 7 beta on which it had to run in Vista compatibility mode to solve it.

Hello and thank you for the reply. UAC is disabled and i tried it too but no luck. Its getting installed but on the part that installer must show the restart now screen, shows me a rollback message. I have attached a screenshot.

[attachment deleted by admin]

I have tricked the installer and on the “Scan my computer for malware screen” i did a restart so CIS setup won’t be rolledback. It worked CIS is installed and all components seems to work OK. ;D Im only missing the shortcuts on start menu…

Congrats on fixing it. You can make the start menu icons yourself if you want of course. Or you may have some old ones left in the start menu?

It’s not fixed, i have just found a workaround :wink: The startmenu shortcuts is not a problem. I’m concerned about the installer’s behavoir to rollback installation without an error message. If i find out why i will let u know.