Can Not Download Email

I have been running CAV for about 1-1/2 years and I am using the latest version. When I tried to download my email this morning from my ISP’s server, I received the message “Buffer Overflow! - cavemsrv.exe has been corrupted and will now terminate.” At that point, my email download ceases. Other than removing CAV from my computer, does anyone have a fix?


Gary Ronkowski

hi Gary (:WAV)
welcome to the forum.
i think there are many posts here regarding this CAVS buffer overrun/overflow issue, this is one of them

hope it helps

Thanks ganda,

I downloaded the latest CAV, uninstalled my current version, and installed the new copy. The problem has been eliminated.

I still do not understand why the “automatic update” feature, which I had turned on, did not update the program.

Thanks again !

Gary Ronkowski

well, i’ve never turn on the automatic updater feature. according to this link :
CAVS checks for updates every 15minutes, are you sure the autoupdate ain’t working?