Can not detect EICAR test string in zip when downloaded

I was using NIS2008 ,I downloded CAV for trial. My NIS2008 was not able to detct ECIAR test string while downloding from internet. so i thouht to try CAV. CAV’s onAcess scanner does not stops you from running EICAR test string nor it gives any warning.
2)HIPS was blocking the legitimate files like wga tray ,intel graphics dreivers etc which have been submitted.

3)my open office stopped working.
4)while doing scanning ERROR 002 can not load safe list appears

Well first off NIS is terrible. Secondly, you need an antivirus that supports archive scanning. CAVS is beta and I wouldnt rely on it just yet. A good free antivirus is Avira, if not try NOD32, which is paid.

Yes if you try the same thing using Avira just watch it go ballistic (:LGH)