Can Not Change Skin Colors

I installed CAV and I can not change skin color. I can open the appearance tab and I can pick any skin color on the list, but after I hit the “ok” button, the window just closes, and doesn’t give the “application must restart for change to take effect” message that always follows a skin change. I have checked for updates and I have also checked the diagnostic tab as well. Both came back “all is well”.

Any ideas other than a reinstall?

Hmf… Interesting… Even if you exit via Icon on Notification Panel; then start CAV fresh then try again?

I never did find a fix for this, or the extremely high RAM usage in Google Chrome cause by CIS. I uninstalled CIS and purchased avast! Internet Security.


Thanks for Posting back…

I still lurk on your forums daily…I wish I could’ve found a fix for the Chrome RAM problem, as I would still have CIS on my machine!

Excuse Me, but This isn’t my forums :stuck_out_tongue:

No Worries;

If you could explain the issue you had previously? or redirect me to the post you made about the RAM Issue?


I posted this on May 12 2011;msg516899#msg516899