Can not backup to external harddrive

I tried to backup partition C (VistaOS), backup without free space, to an external harddrive. If I use compression or not, Comodo BackUp says, I have not enough free space. But when I backup with the same configuration to partition D, the backup process is successful. Total size of the backup was cca 30 GB and on my external harddrive I have 60 GB free space.
I also tried to copy the successful backup (in Total Commander) from partition D to my external harddrive, but the copying process failed. There was a message in Total Commander that I can not copy the backup because it has a FAT32 file system.

My configuration:

  • Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit (Slovak)
  • ESET NOD32 Antivirus, CIS 3…581 (installed firewall with defense+ plus)
  • file system NTFS
  • Comodo Backup 2.2.127000.12



If you backup to a FAT32 partition you must set the split size to 4GB (4096MB) or less, otherwise you will get the above message. FAT32 does not support files larger than 4GB.


Thank you. I did not realize that my external harddrive has FAT32 file system :slight_smile: So when I convert it to NTFS file system or split the backup to 4 GB, it should be ok :slight_smile: