Can Not Backup Partition

I am just starting with CB (v. 2.2.127000.12) and this may be due to me but I can not successfully get a partition backup. I follow the wizard steps but get the following messages:

Error Occurred. Could not retrieve disk signature.
Backup process failed with code 97.

I tried several partitions (C:, D: & F:) with the same result. I did backup the full registry without error.
Steps taken:
1 - select drive c:, click on disk 0, partition c:
2 - no entries or changes,
3 - backup to my computer, drive e: & name file drvcbkup011010.cub
4 - no entries or changes
5 - no entries or changes
6 - error message.

My system is: XP Pro SP3 with 2 GB ram

Thanks for any help.


Please try the diagnose/repair tool in the settings tab and see if any problems are detected.

I ran the diagnostics and got the following:

Checking if restart is needed…
No restart needed… OK!
Verifying your windows version…
Windows XP
Windows version check OK!
Checking Synchronization service…
Synchronization service OK!
Checking CBU.exe integrity…
CBU.exe is OK!
Checking SynchronizationService.exe integrity…
SynchronizationService.exe is OK!
Checking ComodoCrashReport.exe integrity…
ComodoCrashReport.exe is OK!
Checking ShellExtension.dll integrity…
ShellExtension.dll is OK!
Checking cbufs.sys integrity…
cbufs.sys is ok!
Checking BDisk.sys integrity…
BDisk.sys is ok
Checking cbunat.exe integrity…
cbunat.exe is OK!
Checking if BDisk.sys is working properly…
BDisk.sys is not working properly!

and a message that said:

“You need to reinstall the application to run properly! Install now?”

I forgot to mention that I installed CB virtually using Software Virtuallization Solution and this may be the problem. If CB requires direct hardware access, perhaps it can not be run as a virtual application. Is this true? Most of my applications are installed virtually - the only way to go!


Yes, CB cannot be installed using Software Virtualization Solution or any other similar programs.
You must install it using standard installation method for disk/partition backups to run properly.


i receive the same error… v. 2.2.127000.12

Error Occurred. Could not retrieve disk signature.
Backup process failed with code 97.

i use win 7 x64

diagnose tool says: all is ok… :frowning:

This issue was fixed in CB 3.0 which is now in BETA stage, you can try it here:



beta version ,didnt show any errors :slight_smile:

i have an other question: which compressor is used by comodo backup? zip? lzma? gzip? other?

thx in advance