Can not add some exe file to 'My Own Safe Files'


I’ve searched forum about that but nothing found.
May be this is explained somewhere in the help?

So, when I mark some files from ‘My Pending Files’ as safe they appeared in ‘My Safe Files’,
adding manually some other files, also works,
but when I try to add manually javaws.exe from My Programs folder to ‘My Safe Files’ and press ‘Apply’ nothing happens. (Second time Defense+ pop up window saying that this file is already on my safe list, but I still can not see it there).

May be this is because Sun is already in My Thrusted Software Vendors?
Anyway, there is no explanation from CIS.

I should think the reason for this is javaws.exe is included in the whitelist.

Checked remove Sun from Trusted Vendors receive same alert, so it must be the whitelist.