Can no longer see internal network

Usually I couldn’t see the other computers in my workgroup, except for my own. I thought that was related to my old firewall, so I removed it and installed this one. Now, not even my own computer shows up in My Network Places. After installation, my networks were all correctly identified, but I can’t see their machines. Even exitting Comodo, they still do not appear.

Try running stealth ports wizard in “Firewall” > “Common Tasks” > select “Define a new trusted network - stealth my ports to EVERYONE else”

Let us know how that works

Ok, now my computer shows up on the list. Now to track down why the others don’t, but I think that’s a problem elsewhere.

Make sure all the other computer’s are turned on & Networked to the same Router as you, & Network is turned on.

You should then see your other PC’S show up, But they WON’T show up when the pc’s are turned off.


They’re on and connected. They can see each other, but not mine, nor me them. I think this stems from a change I made a long time ago, as I’ve had it happen before. File/Printer sharing is enabled on all the network connections, so it’s just a matter of finding the setting I’ve changed.

Let us know how it goes or if you need any assistance.


can they ping each other?
What´s the CFPv3 log say is showing any blocking on port 135-139 or 445 especiially broadcast packets to

If you disconnect the internet turn CFP3 firewall to allow all reboot the PCs (at least yours)
Does it see them then?


Turns out the workgroup had been changed on the other machine. I can see it, but it has some trouble seeing mine, it is intermittent. The logs don’t show anything being blocked.