Can install firewall now...but cannot connect to internet!

I’m inventing about 10 new swear words a minute with this new firewall!

Thanks for advice, I can now install the new version of the firewall. However, that isn’t so useful since I cannot connect to the internet when using the new firewall! I wasted an hour trying to fix the issue, but in the end had to use system restore to get rid of the new firewall and connect to the internet.


I’ve been using comodo products for years, and have always found them user friendly and effective. This new firewall is a nightmare. Why?!

I have had the same problem. Very annoying. The problem is, that after the update I don’t get a valid IP adress. Not even if I close down Comodo completely. This must actually be a serious bug in the installation program. I solved it by using system restore point, and restored the systen to the day before the upgrade/intstallation. This fixed the error. Hopefully is Comodo aware of this problem and will soon do a patch. Until then I will refuse to upgrade.

Thanks for repling. Yes, that’s the problem I have too. I’m using wireless internet, you? Which firewall are you using now? I can’t get my old comodo 3 firewall back…gone :cry:

Yes I am also using wireless internet connection, but fortunately I managed to get my old Comodo back. I am using Comodo because it is the only free license firewall that can handle shared internet connection. Before that I used Zone Alarm. I found it very good and not so complicated to set up and manage, compared to Comodo. If you have just one single PC and have problems with getting your old version of Comodo back, try Zone Alarm instead. It can be downloaded as a free licence.