Can I Use Comodo To Switch Off Internet Access For My Kids?

My four year old now has a computer and it’s linked to the web via a switch - and to the other home computers here via that switch.

It is protected by Comodo firewall.

I’d like to switch off Internet accessibility somehow except when I’m there with him.

Is this something I can do within Comodo somehow… in a one-click type way?

Or should I try to approach it via Windows (XP) Users, perhaps, and their permissions to run certain programs? I’m hoping I can do it with Comodo.

Currently I just pull the plug on him - pull out the cable - he’s soon going to wake up to that and he’ll plug it back in as soon as I’m not there.


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4-year olds now play on the internet? What advanced generations we have.

To cut off all in & out internet access: right-click on the CFP systray icon and Adjust Security Level to Block All. The shield icon turns red. Technically, this doesn’t answer your question because it requires 2 clicks :P.

There may be a way to write & execute a manual script to enable/disable the connection in Network Connections, but I don’t know how. However, that would also require 2 clicks (a double-click to be exact) to open an icon, unless you set Windows to only require single-clicks to open programs.

Two clicks is fine, thank you very much. I’m red faced at not finding it for myself - but I’m getting used to that :-[

He doesn’t play on the internet, yet. His computer can simply access it and the network as a matter of convenience. Given a few unattended minutes he’d find a way out onto the net and just what he might do I don’t know - worse, from our point of view, he’d find his way onto the intranet and god knows what he might do to our computers.

He can’t even read. But what random clicking at the hands of a child can do is simply incredible… you wouldn’t believe it unless you’d experienced it yourself…

In fact, there’s a fair chance he’ll randomly click his way out of this comodo barrier (randomly disable the firewall, perhaps?) but we’ll go with it for the time being… until I work out something better… perhaps block in the adsl router that’s easily switched on and off…

Meantime, thanks again for this…




If you select BLOCK ALL, you will also be cutting him off form the network, not just from the internet. IMHO, a better long term solution is to add the MAC address of the network card in his PC to the MAC filter exclusion list in your router. If your router doesn’t support MAC exclusion and only supports MAC inclusion, add the MAC addresses of the network cards of all the other PC except his one.

To find out the MAC address, click START - RUN and type CMD. This will open a DOS style window. In this window, type IPCONFIG /ALL and press ENTER. This will display the characteristics of the network adaptors in this PC. One of the characteristics is the MAC address (it is shown as “Physical address”. You’ll need to gather this info from each PC on your LAN and then either enter just his PCs MAC address (exclusion list) or all MAC addresses except his (inclusion list).

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile: