Can i use COMODO firewall with a Softperfect Bandwidth Manager??

hi there!

thus anyone here know something bout bandwidth limiter or manager, or what so ever??
and id like to know if can i use CFP on the bandwidth manager of softperfect.

i have an existing ICS with my desktop PC running WinXP-SP2 acting as a internet server, while 20 clients connecting to it. id like to setup a good and powerful firewall to protect the entire network from malicious intrusion or something like hacking my system, or even a virus attack.
it seems COMODO firewall are lauded as a good one, so i would like to try it. though i still had to figure out from experts like you if my system can work with harmoniously, with a limiter, and with your firewall. thanks in advance!

Good work Guys! and all the team of COMODO!


is the width manager a virtual adaptor, like a proxy?