Can I use CFP 2gether with AVG internet security?

Avg internet security’s antivirus is excellent but it’s firewall is a porious. Can I use Comodo FirewallPro together with Avg Internet Security without any problems?

[Before, I am using Comodo FirewallPro but I need to uninstall it because I thought it will cause conflicts with Avg Internet Security. Now, I am missing it badly :-< ]

Hi micki_moldez08,

I’m not really sure that it won’t cause problems, but it’s no point in having 2 firewalls running. Is there any way you can disable the firewall in AVG and use CPF instead? Else you could try it with CPF and see if it works, tho you will probably get pop-ups from both firewalls.


Hi Ragwing!

thanks a lot, you’re the man dude!

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I read only one firewall should be on a computer system

Two firewalls can block the operating system.


Tis true, amonst other over-riding conflicts with allowing Apps etc.
Having said that… I would investigate Ragwings suggestion… seems a workable solution if AVG will allow the Firewall to be disabled and not effect the remaining components in the Suite.
Goodluck (:KWL)

Please bear in mind that even a disabled firewall is not the same as an uninstalled one, depending on its drivers and such:;msg75777#msg75777

Excellent point Soya. (:KWL)

The conclusion: Every User should decide for only one firewall and should deinstall all other firewalls.