Can I use CAVS as just an on-demand scanner ?

I just downloaded CAVS, but on installing it recommands to uninstall any other Anti-Virus programs. And I understand that if you use it as a real-time scanner. But because CAVS is still a Beta I would like to keep Avast 4.7 as my real-time scanner, and just try CAVS as an on-demand scanner for now. Is that possible ? I would like to know that before I install it.

Greetz, Red.

With CAVS 1.1 absolutly not. It will freeze your system.

With CAVS2 you can. I have tried it with Avast and with NOD32 and work just fine (even with both the active engines on). Before installing disable Avasts engines, install CAVS2, reboot, disable CAVS2 engines and activate Avast again.

ps. you can activate the HIPS feature of CAVS2, if you want extra protection

Thank you for your answer. I downloaded V2, so I expect no freezing probs.

Greetz, Red.

Please on this beta disable the HIPS engine too. It has a bug with the popups and it can lead in some chases in a major problem

Ok, I will disable HIPS too. Thank you for your advise m8.

Greetz, Red.

You are welcome :■■■■