Can I use CAVS 2.0 beta safe?

Hey there! (:WAV)
I really can’t wait to start using the third version of CAVS, but unfortunately it is still version 2 (beta).
So my question is: Can i already use Comodo AV while it’s still in beta 2? My computer is just a normal computer
with music, internet and Windows Live Messenger on it (for instance)

Can i use CAVS 2.0 now? Or do you say: Please wait till version 3 cames out!

Greetings LJ< (V)

Note: I really don’t want to reinstall windows xp again, as I had to do after the update-disaster…


you should know that CAVS 2 is still beta and how can read on the forum, still has some bug that should be resolved.
You can try to install it but also should know that for it there is not more support for this version, because will go out the novelty.


I have been using it for a few months now and it is very stable for me. As long as you realize that it is beta and could have a few bugs — go for it.


Yes I know that there are a few bugs in it, BUT i’ve got also here a windows vista PC… so I can handle bugs :wink:

I’m tired of Avira Antivir, it’s slow and very ugly !

Thanks for your help!


p.s. Yes, Offcourse I will upgrade to version 3 when released! (B)

Please do not install CAVS 2 on the windows Vista pc - it is not yet compatible with Vista. great on all of my windows XP systems though!


I wish i had a ‘normal PC’…you’re incredibly lucky. My PC is abnormal and the prognosis ain’t too good either ;D ;D