Can I turn off the Comodo firewall and still block apps from accessing the net?

Since I think Windows Firewall serves me pretty well with blocking the inbound stuff, I want to disable the Comodo firewall so that it only blocks certain programs from accessing the internet. Is this possible? Let me know if what I’m saying isn’t clear. Thanks!

hmm, i don’t think so 88)
beside, if that’s what you want.CIS can give you inbound & outbound protection
then why not fully disable windows firewall & use CIS ???

What you can do if you wan`t to is to use the “Define a new blocked application” to block certain programs from accessing the net then place the Firewall in “Training Mode” where everything else will be allowed through.

To define a blocked application Firewall->Common Tasks->Define a new blocked application->Select->Browse to the application .exe->double click on it->APPLY