can i try crc

i want to check out crc. i have only 1 laptop. can i try crc on the laptop under sandboxie. is it safe or i may face some problem even if i try it under sandboxie coz crc is in beta

why dont you download a program called returnil install it then you can try anything with no problem.
you can find it at majorgeek or softpedia.

eerrrr it is not advised to use any BETA software unless:

  1. you’re sure what you’re doing, AKA. you’re a computer geek :slight_smile:
  2. you have a spare computer for testing purpose

do not use BETA software on your main computer. risky risky :o

This is true for ALL beta software but I would like to add that CRC even as a beta seems to be very stable for me.

so is CAVS 2 BETA. 88) but some ppl complain about BSOD and some other problems.
well, use it at your own risk chris ;D

Never use utility like registry cleaner they are of no use,
Please do a search on internet you will find that registry is a database referred by installed program.
It loads drivers and other related system files into memory during booting
similarly registries entries are created/deleted during the use of program and computers ie the all entries are not static.

do a google and you will find that many forums does not advocate the use of such tools as it is not possible to have a the database of all registry enties from all programs.

Use of such programs will always leave your system in not healthy state.

Leftovers by unstalling a program does not create any problem for sytem unless they are in Run keys/Auto start location if not removed you will recieve a message the file xxxx is not found so on and so.

My advice to you is never to try such thing as registry cleane from any vendor even from Microsoft LiveOne scanner.

I just can’t agree with you, aditya_dmj. My opinion is that one must be careful, and go through the results before deleting what the reg-cleaner suggests, but there are often many leftovers completely safe to remove.


Unlike most Registry Cleaners, CRC Does not through out the good with the bad. Most Reg Cleaners will carelessly get rid of stuff, CRC Does not, It’s extremely safe as a very high standard.

No, I don’t recommend Registry Cleaners - But Comodo’s one is really showing some “good” and is very very good. And I can simply recommend it. I also agree with LA. But remember CRC has “unsafe entries” list too, So apart from that list, everything else should be safe to delete.


Registry are accessed very often. In there are not just info about installed programs - this is actually a small part(about 20%). Any kind of information OS needs is stored in there(from hardware devices to COM/ActiveX components).

Leaving the system in a healthy state is a hard thing to accomplish, that’s why we launch several version before we do a Release. I have to thank all forum users who help us trace all the issues regarding this subject.