Can I temporarily remove AV from RAM entirely, like I can with the firewall?

I prefer to work offline as much as possible, which is why I am so tremendously fond of the fact that I can exit and thereby completely remove the Comodo free firewall from memory & CPU whenever I wish. But I can’t do that with my current AV, Avira AntiVirus Pro – I would need to uninstall it completely to do that – and I refuse to keep using it primarily for that reason.

So I want to know if I can temporarily exit and completely remove either the Comodo free AV, the Advanced AV, or the AV component of paid CIS? If so, I’ll be extremely pleased and will switch immediately.


No, all your actually doing is closing the GUI (CIStray.exe & cis.exe), the actual protection processes (cmdagent.exe, cavwp.exe) will still be running. Also any security software that could be so easily turned off, is not really secure.

The only thing you can do is disable the AV Realtime Scan. You could disable it permanently and enable it only when you go online.