Can I still keep my current snapshots after uninstall 2.6 and install 2.8

I want to try the new version of 2.8 with enhanced stabilities, but wanna know if I can keep my current snapshots (currently in version 2.6) after uninstalling 2.6 and updating to 2.8?? ???

Sorry, you can not. The update geature is not supported in 2.8. You must uninstall CTM 2.6, and then install 2.8.

That’s not what he/she is asking about.

philli88: No, you can’t keep your snapshots since uninstalling CTM deletes all of them.

Thanks for both of you :), Then, I would rather keep in v2.6 than install 2.8. And i also want to ask if CTM is compatible with Sandboxie

CTM works fine with Sandboxie