can i setup comodo to start manually ?problem with the service auto->manual

i’m want to install comodo on my laptop
i setup comodo to Don’t run with xp boot
but anyway the service starts because is in auto

i changed the service brom auto to manual , so the seirvice doesn’t load with xp boot

but comodo tells me the installtion is corrupt

any ideas?
i want to install comodo in a laptop , and seldom, rarely i 'm on the net


When does Comodo tell you the installation is corrupt? If it is when try to start cfp.exe, you should be able to just start the service first (another shortcut, to cmdagent.exe). If it is at boot, the misconfiguration is probably being detected by the kernel level drivers that load early in the boot. But Comodo uses so few resources without the GUI that there is no reason not to let it run in the background. Look at cmdagent.exe with task manager on your system-for me, currently using 1MB of memory and 0 gdi handles.

well i installed comodo ,disable the autorun with xp
and change the service to auto to manual
and when i run cpf.exe ,it doesn’t run cmdagent.exe
so cpf tell me that i have to fix cmdangent

to me cmdagent need 10 mb to run

Have you tried making a shortcut to cmdagent.exe and just double clicking it before you start cfp.exe? For size, are you looking at private memory or commit size? Without cfp.exe? Seems to use a bit more at idle under XP.

this comes from another user

i’m using xp ,yes without cpf.exe it’s keeps about 8 or 10 mb , i used taskmanager to look

what’s about private memory or commit size? in taskmanager i have memory use

Taskmanager has selectable columns under “view”, and a process has dedicated private memory and then working and committed memory depending on what it is doing. When activity is low, the OS gives memory back to the pool. In any case, this is 1% or so of your memory. Did you try starting cmdagent first?

yes i start cmdagent for first
my xp is not in uk , so i haven’t private mem i mean is not called private memory

in the selectable columns i have on top on the left in order the first is “name image” 2"pid" 3"cpu sue" 4 “time cpu” 5" “utilization, availment memory” and others

i have checked on the 5 , on the left

but is stupid hat cfp.exe is not able to load or shut down the service

Under “view” on the top command bar in Task Manager, are there other selectable columns? I am running Vista, so don’t remember the XP details. But starting cmdagent.exe first works for you?

yes it does

but i should run cmdagent.exe and after cpf.exe
and if i shut down comodo , the service keeps in memory

Don’t know how to shut it down again without a reboot once it is started, unless you go to D+/my protected files and unprotect it-and that compromises security. If it were easy to shut down, malware could do it easily also. :frowning:

but are u sure that to you need only 1 mb of ram ??
is impossible

This is 1MB of dedicated ram. Total is more like 6MB at peak for cmdagent.exe. CFP is more, significantly more when you are using the GUI a lot. :slight_smile:

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my last question
can i run only cpf.exe , and leave cmdagent.exe turned off ? does the firewall work too?
i don’t like the defend+ feature, is too much invasive, i use only the firewall+leak

cmdagent.exe is part of the firewall too. It is that 6-8 MB that concerns you that much? How much RAM do you have? cpf.exe is only the gui…

now i’m running without cmdagent and the firewall works!